Some notes on LRT224. Freezing and Hangs

Got a LRT224 for its OpenVPN capabilities but ended up struggling with stability issues. Here are the symptoms.

The router would work fine for an undetermined amount of time and would then dynamically freeze. the Logs might or might not show any information except something that says

upnpd[438]: UPNP Rule is not FULL!!!

Not much information other than that. Rebooting the router seems to work for a while, but the router might freeze again after an undetermined amount of time. This can be extremely painful if you have services that you need to connect to behind the router. After lots of testing and trying, it seems that the LRT224 might have issues with uPNP. No one seems to be able to pinpoint the exact problem but there has been some reports of users facing issues.

Some references here. But reading into them, it seems that uPNP seems to be a bug in the LRT series.

Further research seems to suggest that uPNP is a problem and has been advised in the past to be disabled if it is not required.

I’ve since disabled Multicast passthrough and uPNP in the firewall. Things seems to work a little better. But i will post back on the results… Or if i don’t, that means everything went well and uPNP was indeed the guilty “feature”.