A new beginning of documentations on Himiko!

Himiko Server has just entered version 9. This marks a new beginning for me to clean-up everything legacy that was from the past and look forward to the newer technologies in the future.

Lots of things have changed since then. This include my work, interests, as well as area of expertise. This new site hopes to be able to provide a way for me to document my work moving forward.

While effort has been put in trying to port as many important documents that i can, there is no doubt that i would miss some documents. For those, i would have to rely on the internet as a global resource.

Till the next major upgrade…..

Screen Rotation and Browser Scaling

After some test, i have come to realize that browser scaling is just not reliable. Not only does this take up a fair amount of resources, it also has a tendency to cause mobile safari to crash. Having investigated this problem for a while, i have come to the conclusion that having the browser handle scaling, while nice to have, isn’t a good thing to rely on if you have many objects within the page. Continue reading Screen Rotation and Browser Scaling