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Setting up a 2011 MacMini in 2021 – Software

The previous post briefly pointed out the hardware configuration and motivation behind setting up a 2011 MacMini Server as a new desktop system. I now highlight the various configuration decision and challenges (if any).

Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad

The first thing to remove from the setup was wires. It was mentioned in the previous post that i did the initial setup using a wired keyboard. However, once the system was completely updated using APT, i set out to pair my Mac keyboard and Trackpad. The process kinda works. (1) you take the battery out, (2) put the battery back in and turn on the device, (3) go to the ubuntu settings -> bluetooth and look for your device. it shows up, pair. Seems to work great. However, a few days later, problems begin to show. They are

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Setting up a MacMini Server (2011) in 2021 – System Install

As one progresses in a career working on computers, there is a tendency to accumulate hardware. Overtime, there would be a likelihood of having multiple computers at your disposal. This becomes more apparent when you age and find that your work start to digress from hardware computing, benchmarking, performance tuning, system setup and start going into more business related stuff.

All the hardware that you have bought in the past then starts to get left around. Instead of throwing them out, perhaps they are still good today?

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