Singtel Fibre Setup without PARC Router

Here is the link that helped me to set it up.

Architecturally, the Singtel Fibre modem provides a single Cat6 cable with 3 VLANs tagged to it. In order to make use of the network, VOIP and MIOTV separately, there is a need to split these 3 items into individual connections so that “dumb” routers or layer 3 routers can make use of them. Based on recommendations from friends, i made use of a CISCO SLM2008T which cost SGD$159 to do this. Cheap and relatively trouble free. However, i noticed that the above blog doesn’t map to my Layer 2 switch so i think the below steps would serve as a reminder to how i did it in principle. Continue reading Singtel Fibre Setup without PARC Router