Some notes on LRT224. Freezing and Hangs

Got a LRT224 for its OpenVPN capabilities but ended up struggling with stability issues. Here are the symptoms.

The router would work fine for an undetermined amount of time and would then dynamically freeze. the Logs might or might not show any information except something that says

upnpd[438]: UPNP Rule is not FULL!!!

Not much information other than that. Rebooting the router seems to work for a while, but the router might freeze again after an undetermined amount of time. This can be extremely painful if you have services that you need to connect to behind the router. After lots of testing and trying, it seems that the LRT224 might have issues with uPNP. No one seems to be able to pinpoint the exact problem but there has been some reports of users facing issues. Continue reading Some notes on LRT224. Freezing and Hangs

Garmin GCD firmware update files

Garmin Express sucks. While it works most of the time for its normal software functions, the really critical stuff such as firmware updates don’t work well.
I had to hunt for the GUPDATE file for my Garmin Edge 810 and install it manually.

I finally managed to find the file located at Garmin firmware files.

Just download the appropriate file and copy the GUPDATE into the /GARMIN directory of your device’s main memory. Unmount and Reboot the Garmin and you should see the file getting picked up and installed. The device might reboot a couple of times and finally, it should settle on the normal use screen.

I had to re-pair my iPhone in order to use the Garmin Mobile Connect app again. Language and certain metrics had to be re-set up too. But once its done, everything works fine.

77km Ride in SG

There isn’t much places to ride in Singapore that can get you enough speed and distance. But sometimes, we manage to find a way to clock the distance, and this takes me almost 1/2 way across the island.

Check out some route images. I managed to catch and F-15 Eagle flyby too.

I also managed to to test out stabilised versus unstablized recordings from footages on the GoPro using iMovie


Short-codes for NextGen Gallery

As part of the himiko migration, the links for the images and galleries really broke. In rebuilding the images and links, the short codes had to be recreated.

The preferred shortcode generally used here is as follows.
[Opening SQUARE bracket] ngg_images gallery_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails” [Closing SQUARE bracket]

NextGen Gallery Shortcodes