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This page contains outdated information. It continues to exist as a reference document.

DataSynpase is mainly a CPU Scavenging product. Each compute client has a broker and it connects to a machine with a LiveCluster? Engine. Live Cluster run on Windows and Linux. Recommended to run the same number of engines to processors. Suggested to create groups for each type of machine. There is a single management console via http. Has shareable administration. Targets financial services, on trading application and analysis. Has lots of small jobs rather then a single large jobs. A “Run-no-Run” kind of product, no intermediate. Is based on “Pull” Technology. Some form of monitoring available.

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xCAT Cluster Management Tools

xCAT is a very good cluster mangement toolkit for the experienced. It takes some time to configure the cluster and it can get a little tedious, but the amount of control that you get over the cluster is fantastic. It works great with the IBM proposed solution for a cluster. and with the relevent hardware, the cluster is really easy to manage. This makes cluster management a breeze. A very good set of documentation is already available, so i will not attempt to recreate them.

Please refer to for detailed instructions.

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