Himiko Transition Notes

This section documents the transition notes when moving Himiko from one machine to another. At this moment, the mainly address transiting from a Linux machine to OSX Server.

Ethernet Cabling

Refer to http://www.ertyu.org/~steven_nikkel/ethernetcables.html

SVN Code Repository

svnadmin is used together with the dump and load commands to assist the movement of code from one machine or location to another

Perl Modules

The following perl modules are installed

  • CGI::Session
  • CGI::Simple
  • ImageMagick and Perl Modules
  • Time::Parse
  • DBD::mysql

Apache Web Server

Need to include .pl files are CGI
Need to setup index files to recognize index.pl

Additional Applications

These additional applications are installed into /usr/local

  • ImageMagick – Notes for Installing on OSX
  • MacTex package with dvipng
  • latex2img – note that’s the script needs to be changed to include the path of the right variables for the latex plugin for twiki to work.
  • MySQL-43.binary.tar.gz was installed from the Darwinsource webpage to provide the mysql.h headers
  • phpMyAdmin
  • pkgconfig – there is a need to place the pc files of libraries installed into /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig to enable new compilations to find them.
  • SDL
  • aspell and english dictionaries
  • qrencode
  • libconfuse
  • libmetric
  • glib
  • pango
  • pixman
  • fontconfig
  • freetype2
  • cairo
  • gettext
  • rrdtool
  • ganglia – launchd item was created
  • openmotif – used the without-freetype option. Also edited Xm.h Makefile to add the location of the relevant JPEG libraries
  • SGE – See http://himiko.dnsalias.net/twiki/bin/view/Main/SunGridEngineGuide
  • amule – binaries was used and launchd item was created.
  • ddclient – installed to update dyndns. Launchd item was created.
  • mplayer and mencoder

Script Configuratons

The following items or scripts where edited to ensure that things work or contains files to take note of.

  • TWiki – /twiki/lib/config files
  • emAlbum – There is in error in the slash variable not being seen right in the script. This was hard-coded and changed to make it right.
  • squrrielmail – Settings are changed in /usr/share/squirrlemail to reflect the correct SSL settings for apache
  • MySQL – Databases where moved form the old location to the new location via a direct file replacement inside /var/mysql. This follow the action of first creating the right databases using phpMyAdmin.
  • cardocr – Auth, config and login files where edited to ensure logging in would be successful.
  • emAlbum generation scripts – launchd item was created and the debug level reduced to -1
  • sgeqlength – launchd item was created to help detect the queue length in SGE to be fed into ganglia