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Singapore Park Connector Network Notices

For the cyclist in Singapore. If you are riding the damn Park Connector Network (PCN), its not easy to find a closure notice of the various segments of the PCN. I’ve been pissed off multiple times riding on the PCN and getting to a section thats closed and having to do a unwanted detour. I have therefore created a RSS feed that will show all the notices from NParks. This scraps information from NParks notices using Feed43.com RSS creation service. Its not perfect, but it works.

So if you use RSS, subscribe to https://feed43.com/0648841305680252.xml and you should see which are the sections that are closed. I hope it helps someone out there.

Sample PCN notices output


Shikashima Lesuire Ride

A short round of riding to help break up the monotony of sightseeing. Nice bayside ride with a couple of simple cafes along the way. The bike rental was OK in price but it was surely worth the experience.

While I didn’t ave the chance to cycle round the entire route, I can certainly see why this would be a very enjoyable ride to experience if done in full.


Tokyo 3hr Bike Ride

Had some time, so i did a short bike tour when i was in Tokyo. A relaxing 3 hour ride in 20+ degrees. I must say that it was fun, safe and something i would recommend especially wifi you enjoy cycling. Granted that the other routes that are 6 hours long might offer a little more variety, but if you have just half a day, it is totally worth it.

Bike route, photos and some brochures that i picked up along the way below.

PCN connection from Buona Vista to Choa Chu Kang

Did a cruising ride with the intention of going  the distance, given the fact that i haven’t ridden for a while, i thought this would help to get my cadence for riding back up.

Somehow, i ended up simply trying to see how long i could go just going along the Park Connector Network starting from Buona Vista. I ended up in Choa Chu Kang and discovered a few parks around that area which was really nice. Took a ride down some routes that i have never ridden before too and ended up at 10-Mile Junction. I made a wrong turn at that point and didn’t manage to make it to ZhengHua Park. But taking on Bukit Timah slopes was something i haven’t done in a while too.

Anyhow, i’ll try to make it to ZhengHua next time. That should give a rather good 50km+ ride.

Route Map and Videos coming up.