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Patching a Palm PRC. Gobble!

Got my PalmIII for a while now with my own USB serial and expansion “port”. Surely made things lot easier. Installed one of my fav Pacman clones called Gobble! which is a freeware. But one big gripe that i had was that the game couldn’t be paused! Looking away from the game could result in losing a life point.

While patching PRCs can be done, and i have studied it before, i have not done it for a long time. But this “lack of pause” in Gobble finally pissed me enough to try to do something about it. So i broke open my decompiler and looked for the right place to patch such that i wouldn’t lose a point in some way.

Did some mapping around in assembly and finally found a good place to patch so that if no button is registered, you wouldn’t lose a life point.

Patch locations are 0x908 and 0x90a. Changing the instructions from 0x5350 and 0x544f to 0x4e71 and 0x4e71 respectively.

Some learnings are
– BRA = 6000
– NOOP = 4e71
– BLS = 6304
– BHS = 6216?620c?6228?

Effectively, this acts like a “Pause” function where if you don’t press the buttons for a while, and the ghost doesn’t get you in the meantime, you wouldn’t lose a point. Don’t care about how its done? The PRC file is below. It was freeware but i couldn’t find the source to do a clean fix. So here is the patched version.


Singtel Fibre Setup without PARC Router

Here is the link that helped me to set it up.

Architecturally, the Singtel Fibre modem provides a single Cat6 cable with 3 VLANs tagged to it. In order to make use of the network, VOIP and MIOTV separately, there is a need to split these 3 items into individual connections so that “dumb” routers or layer 3 routers can make use of them. Based on recommendations from friends, i made use of a CISCO SLM2008T which cost SGD$159 to do this. Cheap and relatively trouble free. However, i noticed that the above blog doesn’t map to my Layer 2 switch so i think the below steps would serve as a reminder to how i did it in principle. Continue reading Singtel Fibre Setup without PARC Router

Mintyboost v2 + Sugru

Made a mistake of accidentally plugging in a 12V DC into an old LiPo charging circuit and blew the board. Had to salvage the parts and realized that the older MintyBoost v2 board was still working fine. A little bit of handiwork and a 2xAA battery holder brought the device back to life again.

Using Sugru as the modeling clay to protect the electronics of the MintyBoost, the kids came up with a charger the shape of an animal… and this is going to belong to them.

Sugru + Mintyboost v2