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Condor Scheduler

This page contains outdated information. It continues to exist as a reference

Condor has check pointing ability but applications have to be recompiled in order to make use of the condor checkpoint libaries. Therefore, applications either need to be opensource or specifically written or re-written. It is more for high-throughput computing. No parallel job submission support

xCAT Cluster Management Tools

xCAT is a very good cluster mangement toolkit for the experienced. It takes some time to configure the cluster and it can get a little tedious, but the amount of control that you get over the cluster is fantastic. It works great with the IBM proposed solution for a cluster. and with the relevent hardware, the cluster is really easy to manage. This makes cluster management a breeze. A very good set of documentation is already available, so i will not attempt to recreate them.

Please refer to http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/xCAT for detailed instructions.

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