Leather Works: Collection of work

I’ve been toying with handmade leather goods for a while and have since crafted some kit for myself which I feel is good enough to see the world. Mostly are crafted for my specific requirements when I travel and for daily use. 

I’m no professional photographer, but the below shows the  stuff I have created to date. Every piece is customised to the tool which it carries. Which one do you like? Email me and let me know if this would be something useful for you too!

  1. Travel Pen, Pencil and Ruler holder.
    Hand made to fit exactly one pen (Fisher Non-Reflective Military Matte Blak Cap-O-Matic Space Pen), one Pencil (rOtring 500 mechanical Pencil) and one 15cm metal ruler from Tokyu Hands. Has an additional metal loop to adapt to the Peak Design Anchor Link so that its easy to hang off a Peak Design loop.
  2. Apple Pencil and Adapter holder
    Made to fit one Apple Pencil and its lighting charging adapter so that you don’t lose it! You can even charge the pencil without removing the adapter. Universal 1″ elastic strap so that its compatible across many sizes and cases. I’ve also attached a Pilot mechanical pencil clip so that it makes the Apple Pencil even more versatile and wouldn’t roll on a flat surface.
  3. Thumb drive and adapter caddy
    I have a couple of these 128GB Sandisk drives and some micro USB adapters which I had no way of keeping well. I decided to make this just as a way to keep everything organised.
  4. Card Wallet and Coin Pouch
    Coins has always been my bane and the recent wave of cashless-ness has caught my interest. I decided to make a matching set of Card Wallet and Coin pouch off the same sheet of leather so that both can age together. The Coin pouch features a metal flex press snap closure and isn’t too big  to be obtrusive. The Card Wallet is specifically made wide enough to fit other EDC card wallets or can easily fit up to 10 credit cards. It can handle triple fold notes rather well as its wider than a credit card. EDC card tools such as the Wallet Ninja, Nite Ize Finiancial Tool  or similarly sized tools can definitely fit without issues. In fact, it’ll make a good backing for the Wallet. It also features a single fast access slot and mini pocket to store things like MicroSD Cards, extra SIM cards or Ejector pins.