Holux M-241 and BT747 on a Mac

Just bought a Holux m-241 Wireless Data logger and got it to work well with BT747 Opensource Data Logger software on the Mac. It’s awesome. The Holux unit runs on a single AA battery and provides a simple interface with good functionality through the built in LCD screen and doesn’t need a computer just to configure it.

I found the usage of the m-241 to be simple and effective. Even though the initial data acquisition was a little slow, once i had a fix, getting subsequent fixes was relatively fast as long as you have “Sky” coverage. Taking out the battery results in the on-board clock being wiped, but the settings still remained. This means that changing batteries should not present too much of a problem.

A 12 hour battery life using Alkaline AA batteries would mean that it could last at least a full day on continuous use during travels, and a USB port for power (not charging) would mean that i can supplement power using my USB power packs.
The most beautiful part of the Holux is the BT747 working seamlessly allowing me to export the logs into a variety of formats and also integrate to OpenStreetMaps. Just remember to download the full source instead of using the Webstart installer if you are using Lion. I tried the Web Start Java installer and it didn’t work.
Loving this unit so far and am looking forward to be able to travel with it soon…