Seagate Satellite picture collection

Here is a bunch of pictures and screenshots taken over the course of the last month as i obtained, hacked, modded and made add-ons for the Seagate Satellite wireless portable harddisk.

In these pictures, you will see the

  1. Vertex II SSD 240GB that i used to replace the 500GB for a shock proof experience suitable for this drive,
  2. The first version of the new web based interface written for this product
  3. The second version with fancy bells and whistles written to enhance the product
  4. A salvaged battery charger based on a Minty Boost Charger v2.0 that i DIYed some time back undergoing a mod to be the battery charger for my satellite, boosting it by another 2000mAh (i.e. at least another 3-4 more hours? the built in battery is a 2800mAh battery)