MySQL Notes

Extending mySQL 4GB table limits to 4.2 billion rows

mySQL is a powerful free database that is pretty widely used in web development. However, as data begins to grow, the most common question i get for mySQL is

  • What are the limits of the mySQL database?

If one is to look around the internet, there are many discussions on the 4GB limit on the table size of mySQL. That very very true. But is that the maximum a mySQL database can do? Recently, i was asked this question. After abit of surfing. i came across this site that mentions a way to beat this 4GB limit. Apprently, you should be able to get mySQL to push up to 4.2BILLON rows. That’s right. BILLION. And that should be way above the 4GB limit, and i am going to try it out.

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